Astros Interviews

One of the missions of this project is to better understand the culture of the Astros through the eyes of former professional players.  Hopefully we will establish an honest view of Astros culture, even if it is not always pretty. 

George Culver


More than just a no-hitter.

Doug Drabek


The dream always has to end.

Dave Eilers


The best pitcher you have never heard of before.

Kip Gross


An interview as brief as his career with the Astros

Xavier Hernandez


The most unforgettable fight in Astros history.

Mark Knudson


A career ended by a common disease.

Rob Mallicoat


One decision changes it all.

Derrick May


It's a family thing.

Carl Nichols


Making a career out of making careers. 

C.J. Nitkowski


A bad day has an ending that helps keep perspective on what is important. 

Gregg Olson


From Rookie of the Year to three teams in one year.

Curt Schilling


One year in Houston.  A step away from greatness.

Greg Swindell


The man the Astros picked up too late and gave up on too early.

Frank Thomas


Not that one.  The other one.

Bruce Von Hoff


A grateful man giving what is likely his last interview.

Glenn Wilson


A powerful arm and a little bit of truth about the Houston Astros.


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