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Kip Gross

Kip Gross

Interview Date: August 20, 2010


Sometimes an interview does not go as well as hoped.  It can happen because of a lack of chemistry between the person asking questions and the person being interviewed.  Other times, it is because the questions being asked do not lead to long answers.  Finally, sometimes the person being interviewed just does not like to take time to answer questions thoroughly because their personality makes them very to the point.


Kip Gross falls into the last category.  His answers to questions about his career were as brief as his career with the Astros.  While talking about his time with the Astros, he had the following to say: "I enjoyed the Astros management.  They made me feel more like a veteran."  It makes sense that he does not have much to say since he only played in two games and put up an unimaginably bad ERA of 10.38.


His career ended with the Astros on a terrible play.  His pitching was rough but the Astros were willing to work on improving mechanical issues.  They were not ready to deal with defensive issues.  His throw to second sailed into the outfield so far that it eventually ended up at the center field wall.  "Well, I guess I wouldn't throw that ball into center field.  They were going to use me in the bullpen until that happened."


Gross did not have much else to say about his playing days but he did open up a bit about his time as a manager.  His quiet style makes for a useful management technique that has served him well in getting a job with the Victoria Seals.  "I have learned that there is a lot more to this game than I ever realized.   There is a strategy that goes beyond just how good your players are."  Sadly, Gross' managerial career would not extend much further.  And neither would the interview.


His parting words were simply that he loves his fans and signs everything put in front of him.  Kip Gross will not be remembered by many Astros fans but he should be.  He was a good player with a good heart.

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