Sweet Like Candy

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about receiving a Tom Dukes autograph that I was hoping to complete. The other half of the card is a former Astros utility player that only had one Major League at bat in which he struck out: Alonzo "Candy" Harris. While he is not a true "Cup of Coffee" player, since he appeared as a pinch runner in four different games, he does fit the model of the types of interviews I typically do. I have been trying to get him to respond to any message about possibly talking with us, but so far he is unwilling. Hopefully one day he can tell us the story about making it to the Big Leagues. For now, I will be happy that he is a very willing signer if you enclose a $5 bill.

An Autograph Of Who?

There are some autographs left on my want list that are simply the result of not wanting to pay what people want for the autograph. A prime example is Carlos Beltran. His autograph is readily available on baseballs, cards, and pictures. That said, the price is higher than I think it will be able to maintain. I am banking on being right and being able to pick him up later at a more reasonable price. There are other names on the list who are not very valuable except that they are nowhere to be found. I would like to introduce you to a name that has haunted my list for years and has finally been crossed off the list: Chris D Jones. Chris D Jones. The name brings dread to my heart. I have

Put Up Your Dukes

I am on a constant mission to find Houston Astros players to interview for the website. I usually target players after finding really interesting stories and wanting to get their perspective on that event. One of those players is Tom Dukes. On April 27, 1968, the Astros were facing the Mets. In typical fashion, some kind of record was set when these two teams faced off. This time, it was the dubious honor of being the longest, most boring game in history. Twenty-four innings and no runs. Yikes. Now, if you look at the stats for the game, you will immediately call me out on something. "But Tom Dukes didn't play in that game! Why do you want to interview him about it?!" Well, calm dow

Picnic in the Park 2015

While the website is several years old, I have never really kept track of how I obtain the autographs or the work that goes into my collection or that goes into tracking down and interviewing former players. Today was a very fruitful day. I added seven new autographs (well, eight depending on how flexible you are willing to be) and several that I can use for trade. For my birthday, my wife bought us tickets to the Houston Astros' Picnic in the Park. I had never attended an event of this nature before and really had no idea how it would work. To prepare, I gathered as many cards of current Astros as I could find. For the players that I did not have cards of, I printed out 8X10s. I though

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