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An Autograph Of Who?

There are some autographs left on my want list that are simply the result of not wanting to pay what people want for the autograph. A prime example is Carlos Beltran. His autograph is readily available on baseballs, cards, and pictures. That said, the price is higher than I think it will be able to maintain. I am banking on being right and being able to pick him up later at a more reasonable price.

There are other names on the list who are not very valuable except that they are nowhere to be found. I would like to introduce you to a name that has haunted my list for years and has finally been crossed off the list: Chris D Jones.

Chris D Jones. The name brings dread to my heart. I have hunted down his address and requested interviews and possibly, maybe, perhaps, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, one little autograph. Nothing. But was it his address? The man's name is Christopher Dale Jones. There is hardly a shortage of men with this name.

It is possible that one day I will find the correct Chris Jones and do an interview. His career was short and interesting. He played in more games than he had at-bats. He was a speed demon in the Minor Leagues, but we never able to pull it together for a sustainable career outside of the Minor Leagues.

In other words, he is perfect for the motley crew I have interviewed in the past. Hopefully one day I'll add him to that list as well.

Which leads to the purpose of this article. While browsing through a collection of index card autographs, which is as much fun as it sounds, I noticed Chris Jones. I just knew it was going to be the OTHER Chris Jones that played for the Astros, but it looked a little different. So I inquired about it, and confirmed that this was the 1985 player and not the 1990s player. A week later, I can finally provide an example of Chris D Jones' autograph.

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