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Put Up Your Dukes

I am on a constant mission to find Houston Astros players to interview for the website. I usually target players after finding really interesting stories and wanting to get their perspective on that event. One of those players is Tom Dukes.

On April 27, 1968, the Astros were facing the Mets. In typical fashion, some kind of record was set when these two teams faced off. This time, it was the dubious honor of being the longest, most boring game in history. Twenty-four innings and no runs. Yikes. Now, if you look at the stats for the game, you will immediately call me out on something. "But Tom Dukes didn't play in that game! Why do you want to interview him about it?!"

Well, calm down. I can explain.

Mike Cuellar was hurt before the game and the Astros called Dukes back up to the Major Leagues. Dukes got the news and packed his car. His minor league team, Oklahoma City, was playing Mephis. Dukes started his long drive to Houston and naturally wanted to hear what was happening in the game. He realized as he got closer and closer that the Astros were running out of pitchers! He was within half an hour of the Astrodome when the Astros finally scored the winning run.

I tell this story to set up the fact that I cannot seem to convince Mr. Dukes to do an interview about the experience. I believe that, at this point, he is not actually reading his mail but is just signing things sent to him and returning them. While my effort has been minimal at this point, I think it is time to reach out in a more effective way.

All that said, he very generously signed a baseball card and an index card for me!

I will be sending this card back out to Alonzo "Candy" Harris to finish it off.

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