Baby's First Baseball Card

It did not take long, but I finally make a baseball card of my son. The real reason I tried my hand at making a custom cut signature was to test my skills at making something more important like this. This particular project started because of a hilarious mistake photograph taken by my wife during a photo shoot. My wife, on top of being a teacher, is a photographer. She takes some amazing photographs, but they cannot all be winners. Here is an example of one of her awesome photos of our son. That said, not all of them are keepers. While she was going through her files, I happened to see one of her "nope" pictures and asked her to send it to me. It is a perfect picture for his first bas

Disaster! (A Gross Overstatement)

After sitting out overnight, disaster struck my custom Dave Eilers cut autograph. So yes, a gross overstatement. But nonetheless, there is a flaw in my process. I am assuming it was a combination of too little glue and not enough time under pressure. Not all is lost though, I can take it apart. I hope. This is why I started by using Dave Eilers and not Yogi Berra. This time I used a whole lot more glue and am leaving it in the book overnight. Here is what it looks like all put back together. So still looks pretty good. The borders are cut a little off center in comparison, but that can really only be seen from holding the two cards in my hand. I will update how well this one stays to

A Custom Cut Autograph of Who?

One of the more interesting aspects of collecting autographs for a specific team is locating items of guys that did not play for the team very long. Typically I have to settle for team signed balls or index cards. The best remedy for this is to make a custom baseball card of the players, but it is easier said than done. Designing a card isn't that hard, but finding information on how to make the card is not only difficult, but contradictory. So after researching for a few weeks, I have decided to just try an amalgamation of the best advice I could find. But do I really want to risk my Yogi Berra index card on a project that might turn out terrible? Of course not. So who is the victim? D

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